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Steady slogansTrump became

Steady slogansTrump became the 45th US President against all odds, against the predictions of every pollster, pundit or foreign leader, and against the mighty US media complex unabashedly supporting the Clinton machine for one simple reason. He was remarkably consistent during the campaign indeed, over nearly 30 years about three core themes. And he never wavered despite pressure from everyone in the establishment..

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For example, on balance beam a gymnast will get points for doing a front flip and a split leap. But if she goes directly from a front flip into her split leap without a significant pause, she’ll get more points: a connection bonus. But what consists a pause is up for debate, and is one of the most commonsubjects of an appeal..

Personally, my attention deficit disorder demands that I drink the unidentified, or at least unrecognizable, blends and varietals, not the popular wine du jour (currently Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.) Take, for example, Cambas white from Greece. This wine is made from some nameless white grapes they grow there, possibly Trebbiano. It has a light, slightly musty nose, and a dryish palate that goes well with everything cheap on the menu like clams, octopus and fish.